fun project for Phillips Brewing and Malting Co. that allowed me to channel the 70's "Pinball Number Count" from classic Sesame Street. 
Music, animated and produced by Ryan Steele Creative, Victoria, BC
Software: Illustrator, After Effects, Blender, Logic PRO
Had the chance to animate the inspired beer label artwork by the immensely talented Shawn O'Keefe.
Artwork by Shawn O'Keefe for phillips brewing & malting company
Design, music, animation and production by Ryan Steele Creative
Software: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Logic Pro X
More fun with beer Label Artwork, this time highlighting the twelve totally unique brews featured in the 2022 "space Case", an annual beer advent calendar produced by the phillips brewing & malting company.
artwork by shawn o'keefe for phillips brewing & malting company.
written, music, animation and production by ryan steele creative.
software: illustrator, photoshop, after effects, premiere pro, logic pro
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